Personalised management, direct service, and integral management of buildings and their owners. Our business A&F Managers commenced initially by offering integral management in the area of Property Administration covering multiple services and thus integrating other companies related to this sector which is vitally important for optimising a good management as well as use of the economic resources.

A&F Managers was formed with such objectives by:

  • Jorge Arantave: Masters degree in Property Administration and Property Management.
  • Francisco Fernández: Technical Architect nº 3.346, Property Administrator nº 2.576 and an expert in buildings pathologies.

Our qualifications and experience in these sectors has converted A&F Managers into a global property services company, principally focused in the Communities of Owners, but also offering a range of complementary services such as all types of Insurances, Estate Agency, Technical Assessment, Maintenance Management on a small and grand scale, Expert Technical Reports, Private Security plus Fiscal and Legal Advice.

A&F Managers wishes to fulfil your expectations by responding effectively to needs which may arise such as:

  • Do you need better management o f your Community? We will study the situation and adjust the budget accordingly to cover the needs of the neighbours and their buildings.
  • Do you need insurance cover for your Community, vehicle, home, life, etc? We can offer you the best price, adjusting the guarantees and cover to suit your requirements.
  • Do you wish to sell your house, apartment or plot? We will search for a buyer or tenant to your satisfaction. We also offer a free pre-valuation of your property.
  • Needing technical assessment or maintenance management of your Community? We will visit your Community without obligation and free of charge, and give advice as to how to act.
  • Opening licences for businesses, technical reports, management of building works and reforms? We will carry out any technical task.
  • If you need fiscal assessment, taxation of residents and non-resident individuals, Succession and Donations, capital Gains Taxes, etc.? Our team of experts can offer you whole assessment of your situation as well as working out your obligations and filing them on your behalf.
  • Legal advice?We offer legal and judicial advice related to Property issues, as well as civil, family, administrative, inmigrant, laboral and criminal Law
  • Are you looking for repairers and alternative estimates? We will advise you and give you the contact telephone numbers of local professionals: plumbers, electricians, painters, specialised repairers, etc. For any job you need to carry out we will find you the appropriate worker.
  • Do you need an Energy Efficiency Certificate which is obligatory for the sale or rental of your property?
  • Are you tired of problems with the electricity bills? We work with FENI-ENERGIA a national electricity company with the best price on the market.

Our working method consists in first holding an informal meeting with a representative of de Community, or a neighbour, to explain our system of work which is based on optimising the existing resources and guaranteeing a saving of at least 15% of the annual budget of the Community in the first year of Management, also keeping in close communication with the owners and celerity in the actions.

In your Community we want to become another neighbour - the one you can rely on.